Pass Your Edinburgh Taxi Test: All-Edinburgh Mock Taxi Tests To

Pass your Edinburgh Taxi Test: All-Edinburgh mock taxi tests to help you win your black cab licence

by Taxi Tutorials

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Every year scores of new drivers take possession of their coveted taxi brief (licence). Some buy a cab together with plate (a licence to operate a taxi vehicle), and run their business by working a daily shift themselves, while operating the cab on a 24/7 basis.

Further income is derived having a full-time driver working the opposite shift five or six days a week (perhaps with part-time drivers filling in at other times).

Yet, unlike many other businesses, in the cab trade income is more or less guaranteed from day one. Other ventures often start with substantial risk (and often have to run at a loss before becoming established).

The taxi trade is different.

Despite the current recession, there is and always will be a demand for taxis in Edinburgh. More, it is a demand that is growing. The last decade has seen the establishment of the new Parliament, and every year the city’s financial and business institutions continue to bring in fresh investment (from both the UK and abroad). New conference centres and hotels have been and continue to be built to cope with demand from both the commercial and tourist sectors.

This marked increase in the city’s fortunes is reflected in a recent survey, which found that Edinburgh workers were among the highest earners in Britain. Add to this the fact that car use in the city is becoming increasingly restricted, and it can be seen that demand for taxi services is set to rise at an unprecedented level.

The tourist industry, too, continues to boom (and will now increase further with the present downturn in the pound’s rate of exchange).

It is a fact that Edinburgh is presently the most popular UK destination after London, attracting visitors not only in the summer months but also throughout the year (one of the city’s many attractions, the New Year street party, is now the largest in Europe).

As demand for taxis continues, so does the issue of new taxi plates. Twenty years ago, there were a total of 518 licensed taxis plying for business. There are now over 1,200. (Newly-licenced cab drivers who aren’t able to buy a taxi plate can put their name down for one. The wait is long, but not indefinite.)

Some new drivers seek to make taxi-driving their profession without wishing to become an owner, and this can provide substantial income. The normal practise is to to rent the cab from an owner at a fixed weekly rate. The cab is operated either day or night (usually five or six days), and the only other outlay is for fuel used during the shift (each driver hands over the cab with a full tank).

Others get their taxi brief to gain extra income working part-time. They have a full-time job, perhaps, but are attracted by the idea of earning good money working hours that suit them. (Cabbies are very much their own boss with no-one standing at their elbow — as might be the case pulling pints or waiting on tables.)

Whichever way cab drivers intend to put their newly-acquired skills to work, one thing is certain: there will always be a steady and growing demand for their services. All new cab drivers soon come to appreciate the following fact ... possessing a taxi brief (black cab driver’s licence) is an investment in their future that is well worth making.

Here, in one compact package: 10 mock tests and all the advice (written by an Edinburgh black cab driver) you need to help you win your taxi brief!























Pass your Edinburgh Taxi Test: All-Edinburgh mock taxi tests to help you win your black cab licence Taxi Tutorials











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